Dating & Relationship Coaching

The Relationship Lifeguard is here to assist and provide:

* Personalized, insightful relationship coaching sessions for Individuals
* Dynamic Group Coaching sessions to help women maneuver through dating
  • – each coaching session is facilitated via Skpe, teleconference call or

Program benefits:

My coaching webinar and personalized coaching call session will help you to:
  • – Gain a deeper understanding to the challenges that are holding you back
  • – Quickly asses and weed out the men that aren’t right for you
  • – Equip you to not just try dating again…………but try and conquer
  • – Prepare you for the relationship you want and deserve
  • – Attract and date relationship-ready men
    – Find answers to some of those puzzling relationship questions about men
  • – Make online dating easy, enjoyable and successful
  • – Empower you to never be fooled by men again

My Technique

My program doesn’t contain a great deal of fluff or give you info that you can’t apply to your life.
My coaching sessions are practical, inspiring, down to earth and straight to the point.
You will find that the program is enriching and very beneficial.

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Relationship Coaching Options:

One on One Relationship Coaching

w/ The Relationship Lifeguard – Colin Tate

1 hour session

– via Weekly Teleconference call, SKYPE or Join.Me



Individualized Relationship Coaching

w / The Relationship Lifeguard – Colin Tate

1 month session


– via Weekly Teleconference call, SKYPE or Join.Me

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  • “Colin has really helped me pinpoint my own dating mistakes.  I became more prepared for my dates and met my future husband. And just like you said, he was right in front of me the entire time.”
              – Beverly R.
  •   “l am so thankful that i had a session with you. You really opened my eyes and gave me hope again. God Bless You.”
             – Lauren S.
  •   “All these years I thought that i was doomed to never find true love, but you helped me realize that it wasn’t my fault and that there were just a few things I needed to tweak. Now I am happy to say that I am engaged and will be walking down the aisle later this year.”
             – Lindiwe H.
  •   “Talking to you Colin was such an eye opener. I’m now able to see so clearly what these men are doing, why they are doing it, and why certain women keep falling for it. I feel so much more in control of my dating life. Thank You”
             – Jennifer M.
  •    “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was beyond hopelessness before i talked with you Colin. You truly have a gift and have given me hope that love will happen for me. I am in a new relationship and will be keeping you posted.  Thank you again.”
            – Rudzani D.
  •    “After reading your book I knew i had to sign up for a coaching session with you.  I was captivated by the stories from the real men and it helped me understand how to spot these jerks coming from miles away. But after our session I felt rejuvenated. Thank you for being of service to women everywhere.”
             – Theresa K.
  •   “I finally understand why the men in my life would never fully commit to me. This is a must read”
            – Ashley S.