Book Synopsis

Colin Tate, known as “The Relationship Lifeguard” reveals the hidden secrets that men don’t want women to know when it comes to dating and relationships in this “MEN TELL ALL” book.  Colin has interviewed hundreds of men over a 5-year period and came up with 6 types of men that he found over and over in his research.  These 6 types of men are the ones women must learn to identify and avoid at all costs to protect themselves.

If you’re wondering why you keep missing the warning signs when dating or why you keep dating the same types of no-good men (jerks), this book will help you spot the wrong men in a short amount of time. Most women learn the hard way from heartbreak and making the same mistakes over and over.  After you read this book, you’ll recognize these guys right away and cut your losses early. “Is This Your Man” will open your eyes to see that men will go to great lengths to deceive women to get what they want and how they can use technology to help them cheat, lie and manipulate women easily and effortlessly.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside:

  • The #1 reason why men don’t want to tell you the truth about your relationship
  • Why men suddenly disappear or stop calling when you thought things were going great
  • The #1 strategy men use to test women to see how fast they can sleep with them
  • Quick and easy tips that will make finding a man online simple and easy
  • The #1 thing women do that send men running for the hills
  • Why men you haven’t heard from in months or years suddenly call you out of the blue
  • The #1 reason why men don’t want to tell you the truth

And Much MORE

Get this book NOW and it will answer and decode any questions about men you will ever have and also empower you with the knowledge to recognize if you’re dating Mr. Wrong versus Mr. Right before you invest too much of your time and heart.