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Colin Tate known as “The Relationship Lifeguard” is passionate about helping women understand the walls or roadblocks that stand in their way of finding true love. For over a decade, Colin has counseled and coached women of all ages and backgrounds across the world diagnose their dating dilemmas. By providing practical life lessons, Colin helps women gain an understanding that finding love and happiness is not as challenging as they may think. He helps women understand and get to the core reason for why the “wrong man” continues to enter her life and why the “right man” seems to keep passing her by.
As a trusted relationship coach, Colin has created a ground breaking one on one relationship coaching program that teaches women how to date, understanding men and communicate their wants and needs in an authentic and genuine way. With Colin’s coaching, countless single women all over the world have transformed their outlook on dating by changing the way they think about men and relationships. Colin is often quoted saying, “Finding love isn’t hard, it’s only hard when you continue to give your heart to a man that doesn’t deserve it!”
Colin Tate helps women gain a perspective and a realization of how much power and control they truly have in finding everlasting love. He gives women the keys and the knowledge to understanding men and the ability to recognize a “JERK” from a good man before they invest too much of their time and heart. Colin Tate is a sought after motivational speaker and the author of the widely popular Tell All book “Is This Your Man?”
Colin G. Tate holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Psychology. Colin is married to his lovely wife Gloria and resides in Atlanta, GA.

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